Sunday, September 30, 2007

26.09.07 war ein super Tag!

Meine Geburtstagsfeier!

Due to a lack of knowledge of where we could hang out late after 12 pm, I decided to hold my birthday party at my place. It was kind of a last-minute decision to have the BBQ party, and so the eve of the party was spent frantically shopping at Walmart and Safeway. (I even had to call Georg to come down to help me carry stuff!)

Deciding on who to invite for the party was quite a headache, because even though my apartment is pretty spacious, I wasn't confident of preparing food for more than 30 people. In the end, I decided to invite just those who are special to me in one way or another: Georg and Basti, of course.. some of my old secondary school and high school classmates, my sister's best friend, my new housemates Helen and Nicky, and not forgeting some of the more special new friends I have on campus like Daniel, Jaime and Heiko.

The evening started as a nightmare.. =) with guests arriving even before I got the electric grill set up (!! ya! Those electric grills you buy from Walmart have to be set up yourself!) The people who helped me buy the beer and wine were LATE! haha.. but thank goodness the evening went on fine after that. There was (hopefully!) enough spaghetti bolognese, pasta salad, noodle auflauf and dessert for everybody...

Basti and Georg showed up with a bouquet of leaves and kitchen utensils *see picture above* =). Sehr praktisch! THANKS Guys! And Nicky actually baked me a cake! That was SO SWEET! *ya... both the idea and the cake were very sweet*
All in all, it was a great evening. Thanks to everyone for taking time off to celebrate my birthday with me! =) I am really glad that I have you guys here with me. I look forward to the days we have ahead at stanford and beyond!

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